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OOC people!

Hey! SOrry I didn't rp over break because of internet non availability whilst at home. that and the library only lets you go on a half hour at a time, which apparently is different lengths of actual time for different people. There was this one girl...anyway..

I'm putting up an rp schedule, because it should be done.

Monday: 10:00am-3 pm: Off and on because of apartment hunting. POssible after 11pm some MINIMAL posting. so I can go to bed.
Tuesday: After Cousins with Ashley and Harmony til late late at night. And I do mean long as you want to stay up I suppose.
Wednesday: ... I dunno..this is my free day. MY day, where I sleep in, and maybe do some homework. Probably in the afternoon the occasional post though.
Thursday: Possible evenings from time to time. DOn't expect a lot on Thursdays. please. It would kill me.
Friday: ...from 11am-3pm ...pretty solidly. I usually go up to fourth floor and act all like: Super internet happy fun times!
Saturday: afternoonish?... I know before I said weekends, but with PT on his end and 8:00 classes on mine for the rest of the week... I definitely try to busy myself online.
Sunday: Is this Star Wars rp day or what? I dunno. but yeah... maybe depending.

I'm trying to spend more time on the computer honest. Honest! ...

I totally feel a bit dorkish having said that. :P.
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